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Upstate Therapy Group in The Hudson Valley New York
  • Do you accept insurance?
    The clinicians at Upstate Therapy Group are out-of-network providers. While many insurance plans provide out-of-network mental health coverage, it's important to find out what your plan includes before you start therapy. Our Administrator can help you determine if you have out of network coverage during your intake call and help guide you in asking your insurance plan the right questions to find out your reimbursement rate. Additionally, if you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), you may use this to help pay for Upstate Therapy Group services. Our patient portal is set up for you to easily access your claims and submit to insurance at your convenience.
  • What are session fees?
    Each therapist has a different pay rate, as a reflection of their years of experience & training. Our fees are consistent with other mental health professionals in the area. Please contact us for more information.
  • Do you offer a sliding scale?
    Yes, on a limited basis, to be determined during your intake assessment.
  • Do you offer phone or video sessions?
    Yes! We offer phone as well as virtual sessions online. Virtual sessions are both effective and convenient.
  • What to expect in the first session?
    In a typical first session, your therapist will use your time together to learn more about you, understand what brought you to therapy, and together you'll work to define your goals. Therapy is a deeply collaborative process and even in our first meeting, we prioritize building a trusting relationship.
  • How long are sessions?
    Sessions are 45 minutes long.
  • How often are sessions?
    Individual therapy sessions are conducted on a weekly basis. We understand that there may be times when we can't meet. Life happens! Your therapist will be doing their best to provide consistently scheduled sessions to help you meet your goals. In psychoanalytic therapy, sessions may be held two or more times per week.
  • Are you LGBTQ + affirming?
    Yes! Upstate Therapy Group is LGBTQ+ affirming.
  • Can I attend therapy sessions with my teenager?
    Yes, we work with you and your child to determine how to best involve you in their treatment.
  • Is Therapy confidential? 
    Yes. All information between you and your therapist is strictly confidential and not shared with any third party. Exceptions to the rule: a) If there is a reason to believe there is an occurrence of child, elder, or dependent abuse and/or neglect; b) If there is reason to believe that you have the intention to harm yourself, someone else, or property by a violent act you may commit; c) If your therapy records are subpoenaed by a court of law; d) If you authorize release allowing the therapist to speak with a third party or designated individual.
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