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Individal Therapy

Individual Therapy

People start therapy for a variety of reasons, but typically, we hear from people when they feel like they'd like to better understand themselves and their relationships. Some people reach out for support after a significant life event, like the loss of a relationship, a career change, taking on a new role as a student, a parent, or partner. Many people start therapy when they realize their habits or patterns are not working for them anymore and they'd like to find a way to live with more ease. 


Making an initial contact with a therapist takes a lot of strength. We take a collaborative approach to decide which type of service feels right for you and which therapist is best suited to fit your needs. Therapy sessions are typically held at the same time each week, so that you and your therapist can focus on creating a reliable supportive routine.

Individual Therapy in Upstate Therapy Group located in Beacon, NY and Kingston, NY in the Hudson Valley
Teen Theapy
Teen Therapy in Upstate Therapy Group located in Beacon, NY and Kingston, NY in the Hudson Valley

Teen Therapy

Healthy teenagers grow into healthy adults. Starting therapy when difficulties first emerge in adolescence can have quite an impact on the way an individual navigates the rest of their life. Therapy can provide a significant, safe relationship with an adult outside of family and school.


Many teens want to work through age-appropriate dilemmas such as self-esteem, friendships, partnering, identity, independence, family dynamics, "what's next" after high-school, and other life transitions. These are just some of the things that a therapist can help a teen navigate. Teens under the age of 18 typically have some family involvement, but that's up for the team - parents, teen, and therapist - to negotiate. Outside of safety concerns, we really want to make sure your teen can trust us, and that means having some limits on what is shared. 

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is encouraged for people who are in committed relationships of any kind; married, partnered, together for decades, or thinking about taking the first steps towards starting a life together. If you're looking to strengthen and deepen your relationship with your partner, couples therapy can help. Our therapists will respect where you are in your relationship, and are progressive in understanding that every relationship is different and valuable. We feel comfortable talking about sex, monogamy, non-monogamy, finances, socio-political positions, gender differences, power dynamics and more.


Couples will be asked to have two separate individual 30 minute meetings with your therapist before starting your first couples meeting to make sure your therapist has a good understanding of both parties.

Couples Therapy in Upstate Therapy Group located in Beacon, NY and Kingston, NY in the Hudson Valley
Couples Theapy
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